In 2004 or so, Peter Marvit and I tried to find stereotaxic coordinates for the inferior colliculus of the ferret. We found an abstract in some conference proceeding from the 80's to the effect that someone had tried (I have to find that abstract again, I think it came from Agricola). So we tried to contact the authors and found one, Professor Paul Andrews from St Geroge's Hopital Medical School. He wrote something to the effect that they had tried to make a ferret brain atlas but had never finished or publised the atlas. A few weeks later, we received what appears to be the draft of an atlas for the ferret brainstem. Since we were interested in the midbrain, we put the atlas to the side.

When I moved my lab to College Park, MD, I found the atlas again, noticed the hand-written annotations and whiteout and all (could this have been the main draft?) and decided that it would be a shame to keep this atlas away in a box, so I decided to scan it, clean up a little bit, and put the drawings and the pictures in register.

Here's the introductory text, OCR'ed.

A guide to the ferret brainstem

Jan Hawthorn


This guide is intended to help with the localization and identification of anatomical structures in the ferret brainstem. It is not intended as an accurate guide for computing stereotaxic co-ordinates. The size of ferret brains are not directly related to body weight (as occurs with other species) and as yet there is no simple method for determining co-ordinates in a ferret of a given size. However using several areas as "landmarks" much information may be gained.

The brain used in this guide was taken from a 1.05 kg male albino ferret and had been fixed in formol saline for six months. The brainstem was separated from the mid-brain and placed horizontally on a flat surface. The block was cut at right angles to the horizontal plane to produce a face for mounting on the microtome chuck. Thus all sections are 90 degs to the horizontal plane. The sections were cut at 60 um on a freezing microtome and every alternate section was mounted. Therefore it is possible to calculate the distance of any section along the brainstem using the obex as a reference point. The sections were stained using thionin and mounted using D.P.X.

Sections were placed on a microfiche viewer for drawing. The magnification is x 22.5. The drawings were labelled using stereotaxic atlases for rat and cat for comparison. I am indebted to Dr. C.C. Chumbley (Department of Anatomy, St. George’s Hospital Medical School) whose knowledge of neuroanatomy was invaluable in this part of the task.

The sections were photographed using a Zeiss Orthophot onto 3 1/2 x 4 3/4 Ilford FP4 film. They were printed on Kodak polycontrast paper using appropriate filters.


September 1985

Here is the scanned atlas.

First a table of the brain weight as a function of the body weight. And a cross section of a ferret skull .

Finally a scan of the atlas. Pictures 17 and 30 seems to be missing, photograph 41 was present twice and drawing 43 too. The "in register" was done by me in Canvas X, after some stretching and rotating and in some cases tilting of the drawing.

Drawing Photograph In register
Slice 1
Slice 2
Slice 3 Slice 3 Slice 3
Slice 4
Slice 5 Slice 5 Slice 5
Slice 6
Slice 7 Slice 7 Slice 7
Slice 8
Slice 9 Slice 9 Slice 9
Slice 10
Slice 11 Slice 11 Slice 11
Slice 12
Slice 13 Slice 13 Slice 13
Slice 14
Slice 15 Slice 15 Slice 15
Slice 16
Slice 17
Slice 18
Slice 19 Slice 19 Slice 19
Slice 20
Slice 21 Slice 21 Slice 21
Slice 22
Slice 23 Slice 23 Slice 23
Slice 24
Slice 25 Slice 25 Slice 25
Slice 26
Slice 27 Slice 27 Slice 27
Slice 28 Slice 28 Slice 28
Slice 29
Slice 30
Slice 31
Slice 32 Slice 32 Slice 32
Slice 33
Slice 34 Slice 34 Slice 34
Slice 35
Slice 36
Slice 37 Slice 37 Slice 37
Slice 38
Slice 39 Slice 39 Slice 39
Slice 40
Longitudinal sections
Slice 41 Slice 41 Slice 41
Slice 42
Slice 43


facial nerve
nucleus of Xllth nerve (hypoglossal)
area postrema
central canal
cochlear nuclei
cuneate nucleus
dorsal cochlear nucleus
dorsal motor nucleus of vagus
dorsal tegmental nucleus
facial nucleus
gracile nucleus
inferior cerebellar peduncle
inferior olive
lateral reticular nucleus
medial lemniscus
medial longitudinal fasciculus
nucleus ambiguus
nucleus of the solitary tract
nucleus of trigeminal nerve
pontine nuclei
pontine reticular nucleus, caudal
pontine reticular nucleus, oral
pyramidal tract
reticular formation
retrofacial nucleus
superior olive
spinal tract of trigeminal nerve
tractus solitarius
trapezoid body
vestibular nuclei