Here is your ARO Bingo Card.

Mark each square when the event described happens (or happens to you, as appropriate). If you get five in a row in any direction,yell "Bingo!"

senior figure,
very drunk
Mistaken for
grad student
There's a waiting line for your grant officer Cochlea earring
More panelists than audience members at
Parentheses or slashes
mid-word in paper title.
Green background, red text PowerPoint theme
Theory poster questioning existence of traveling wave
ARO 97 tshirt Panel presentations
end on time
"As was shown in my manuscript (rejected 2009d)" Ignored at section
FREE Poster title beginning with
"Beyond ..."
"What are the
public health implications of your findings?"
"Seeing as I'm out of time" or "we'll skip this slide for the sake of time" Moderator arrives 30 mins late for her session "As indicated by the d-prime value"
Attended business meeting Mistaken for
faculty member
Laptop fails to
connect with projector
"Auditory object" Lost interest in
conversation after looking at your badge
"Ooh, candy!"
No idea who you've been talking to for the past 10 minutes

- the intelligent reader will see that...
- i'll keep my speech short...
- and in this last slide...